The Process



Parent Coaching will help you:

  • Feel greater confidence as a parent. Resolve ongoing parenting challenges with kindness and firmness.

  • Gain insight into you emotions and how they can help you.

  • Increase connection with your partner and strengthen family relationships.


How Parent Coaching Works: My mission is to help parents who struggle with the challenge of raising today’s teens and young adults. Most parents experience times when they feel stuck, caught in a power struggle, or their teen sees them as the enemy.

  • Parent coaching is designed to take you step by step into becoming an effective parent who sees the bigger picture; who has the confidence to do what’s in your child’s best long-term interest; who communicates with love and respect especially in stressful times; and who teaches by example how to successfully to this thing called life.

  • We begin with a free, half-hour consultation to understand your greatest concerns and desires for your family. If we are a good fit for each other and you are ready to begin this life-changing work, great!

  • Our sessions may include: defining what you want to accomplish by troubleshooting behaviors as they occur learn and review new skills.






Simon Family Services offers a systematic and effective placement process along with case management services for families nationwide.

We work for YOU, the Family. No commissions or fees are paid to us, EVER.

We are a small concierge consulting practice. Our caseload is small by design so that we may provide the hands on service needed. 

  • Interview with parents/guardians to assess the situation and discuss specific needs including types of schools, treatment options, social, geographic and financial considerations.

  • Conversation with the student (if available) to assess personality, interests and goals. 

  • Educational and Psychological Evaluation of transcripts, reports, recommendations, current testing activities and interests. 

  • Speaking with Individuals who interact with student including therapists, school personnel, legal professionals and/or family friends for historical and clinical input.

  • Support and education for parents through phone conversations, personal meetings, and electronic communications.

  • Referrals to psychiatrists, psychologists, neurologist, speech/language pathologists, occupational therapists, tutors and/or attorneys specializing in special education law, or financial counselors when necessary.

  • Research and investigation into appropriate school/program placement that match your family's individual needs leading to a formal presentation of your options. 

  • Initiation of the admissions process while family completes all necessary paperwork. The final choice of school/program is always the responsibility of the family.

  • Assistance with transportation arrangements when necessary.

  • Ongoing advocacy and support including continual communication regarding progress with school or therapeutic staff and/or home therapists or others.

  • In an emergency situation, SFS may arrange placement within 24-48 hours.