Success Stories

"At a time when nobody else could offer help or assistance, when we had nowhere to turn, you took charge, You gave us the same care youw ould have given your own child. There were days when I thought -You saved our daughter's life. What could be more trying then to deal with and communicate with parent's of a child in trouble? I know we did not make life easy for you - but your compusure kept us on course. You really did know what was best for the entire family. Obviously visiting the two facitilities helped us make a decision but narrowing it down to these kept us on track. This was a life changing experience for our entire family. What could be more difficult than trying to find the right place to send your troubled child? Talk about the "trust" factor! When nothing else is working - and all the doctors and medicines are not working - it's folks like you that come in to save the day."  Parents of E..,Age 17


"We feel you have an amazing gift of gathering very personal information without "intruding" and explaining the process without pushing us into a decision. We never felt we were putting our lives in the hands of a "stranger", but more in the hands of someone who cared and understood. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."     Parents of J., Age 14


"You were always available and took whatever time it took to talk with us. Mostly, we were impressed with your ability to speak with our son and help him understand what he needed to do. Thank you."    Parents of M., Age 16

After years of feeling like we were reacting to crisis after crisis, you connected with our 24 year old daughter. She trusted you and your guidance and after residential treatment she is back on track. We are so grateful. Thank you. Parents of J, Age 26