Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Educational/Therapeutic Placement Consultant and what is their value to the process?

     This type of consultant assists students and families to find the best fit environment for family and student success. As independent agents, they represent only the family.  They take no renumeration from any school or program, and acts ethically and professionally at all times.


    Our value is our intimate knowledge of every program that is recommended. We do not refer simply by looking at websites or spending time with marketers. We spend 25% of our time traveling, visiting and evaluating all aspects of schools and programs. We learn about all aspects of the culture, staff, education, therapy and more.

     We base our recommendations on the best fit and chance for success. This choice is an investment both financial and emotional let our experience be your guide. 

What is a Parent Coach?

     A Parent Coach works within the family system to provide solution focused options. Parents engage in a program that is specifically designed to meet their individual needs. Programs typically last for a specific time period. Families are often asked to complete homework assignment. The coach is available between sessions for additional support.

Do I need an advocate or an attorney?


     A professional advocate will use specialized knowledge and expertise to help parents resolve problems with their schools. An advocate is well-versed in legal rights and responsibilities and the procedures that parents must follow to protect their rights. Through their intimate knowledge of each child’s unique situation an advocate can often understand, negotiate and resolve disagreements and disputes with the school.  A skilled advocate will maintain all necessary documentation, facts, records and vital materials in case it becomes necessary to obtain the services of an attorney.  A good advocate will always be prepared should a district choose to remain in disagreement or not provide a solution that is satisfactory. Hiring an advocate to represent a child with a disability through this process can save the family time, anguish and legal fees.


Are these services worth the cost?

     Proactively working with the support of a coach will assist you in avoiding away-from-home placements. When placements are necessary, an experienced consultant will identify the best fit and provide options that are most likely to provide long term success. Consultants regularly visit these specific schools and programs and maintain a current knowledge of the environments services including, facilities, financial liquidity, levels of academic's and support systems, therapeutic interventions and more. 


How do you get paid? 

     Families pay the consultant/coach directly. NO fees or renumeration is EVER accepted from any school or program.

How much does treatment cost and is it covered by insurance?


     As with length of stay, cost varies depending on the needs of each client as well as what insurance benefits they may have. We can refer our clients to a qualified insurance advocate who can best help them to understand what to expect from their benefits. Please bear in mind that treatment is not always covered by insurance and it may be necessary to pay out of pocket. Private treatment expenses can be significant. We also suggest you contact your financial guide to see if there are any tax deductions you can utilize. 


Why can't I research and choose these programs myself via the Internet? 

     You are more then welcome to conduct your own research; however, it is virtually impossible for an individual to determine the most important factors that will lead to success.  Many schools/programs invest heavily in slick websites; however, it is difficult to know what to believe. As stated above, consultants constantly visit and assess multiple factors.





"Brilliant" is the word that comes to mind when I think about Marla Simon. Whether working as an advocate, coach or placement consultant, she uses her keen intellect and vast knowledge base to assist families. Her professionalism an abiity to stay calm during a crisis is a true asset"   F.A. MD Medical Center Director