Marla Simon MSSA CEP

Work with me and you will find:


  • Practical, educational, compassionate and directive style

  • A team player - resources for educators, counselors, psychologist and professionals

  • Ability to work in a collaborative care model

  • Knowledgeable, unbiased advice for selecting the safest and most effective programs due to constant facility visits and evaluations

  • Clarity and perspective when faced with making important and difficult decisions through supporting the families in an ongoing and consistent manner

  • Programs meeting individual needs and abilities of each student and their family,  which leads to long term success

  • Compassion and support to families throughout the treatment process through availability in recognizing that there is a great deal of grief and sorrow associated with the process

  • A resource for educators, counselors, psychologists and professionals through maintaining ties to home supports during the placement and transition home

  • An independent, unaffiliated, cost-effective solution working directly for the family and never accepting compensation for referrals from any outside source



Marla is constantly visiting schools, developing relationships and participating in conferences and continuing education. 


Marla’s training and experience provides her with the ability to interpret psychological testing. She can identify students with special educational and psychological needs, coach families, and interact with teachers and mental health professionals, all with a unique perspecti


Marla's experience inludes working with students challenged with learning differences, pervasive developmental disabilities, social skills training, and parent education/coaching and advocacy. She has successfully facilitated: Educational Options, The Family Support System Group, Founder of Resource Center at Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio and a past president of the Cleveland Council of Independent Schools.